Teaching Philosophy

One of the primary reasons why I chose to be an educator is that I want to be a change maker who could help shape future generations into academically, culturally, socially, and ecologically involved citizens. Personally, I had to overcome many challenges to obtain an education and I want to be a catalyst for change in others. I want to contribute my knowledge and experiences to traditional as well as non-traditional students in pursuit of their educational goals. I love teaching because helping people learn and think about concepts in a new way is personally fulfilling. It is rewarding to me to know I have made a difference in someone's life. My goal is to be a positive influence both in the classroom and in our society. One of the benefits I derive from teaching is building relationship with diverse groups of people. I believe that every student has the potential to succeed when matched with a good teacher. Each day I can motivate students towards personal growth and relevancy in their professional lives. What I have learned through my academic journey is my strengths include making people successful. I am dedicated to building a quality team committed to creating great partnerships that matter to students, faculty, and to higher education as a whole.

Teaching is not an endeavor where one approach works well for every student, and it is important to explore new methods of teaching to maximize learning for those who are interested. It is also my goal to interest those who may have just a passing interest in learning the material, and show them the value inherent in the subjects. Keeping students engaged is always a challenge, and one method of engagement is to relate what you are learning to practical applications. With my experience, I can share many stories of successful outcomes to problems, and also what was less successful for me. Throughout the teaching and learning process, I incorporate multiple options and pathways through the learning materials. I also embed activities in the instructional process that are designed to help students develop different skills that are readily transferable across disciplines, as they engage in the learning of content material. My emphasis in teaching is on learning and applying the learning with hands-on assignments. I believe active engagement of the student is critical for a productive learning environment. In the class, I encourage deeper learning by providing explanations, formative feedback, and inspiring students to believe in themselves. It is a challenge to address varied learning styles but it is a critical part of my educational approach. I make it a priority to be accessible and respond to emails, inquiries, and concerns in a timely manner. Learning should not be hard or scary, therefore, I love to add a little fun to learning. Together, in the course room, we all work toward a common goal---educational success!